What We Do


People 4 Homeless is a nonprofit organization based in Akron, Ohio. Our goal is to house and provide basic living amenities to Akron's homeless population, and create a blueprint community that could be applied anywhere to eventually provide service to the homeless around the globe.

Fueled by volunteer efforts and donations, several tiny 7 by 8 insulated houses have been constructed to house Akron's previously homeless. We hope to build several more, and increase our reach to help as many as possible.  

The first and most important form of help is providing shelter. More beneficial than anything else is a place to call home with an address. By providing shelter from the elements and a place to store their belongings without fear of theft, we are offering an environment to feel safe and secure. We are also bringing them into a place where the services and organizations who have the resources to help can convine and begin the process of changing lives.

Along with security and place to call home, we will provide them with an address. Though this may sound naminal, it is actually the most important part of our plan. With an address they will be able to apply for identification that most often is lost. It also allows them to sign up for the financial and medical assistance the government has already set aside but they are unable to claim without an address. An address is also necessary for employment, food stamps and other resources.

Through partners we also provide help with psychological counseling, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health therapy, health screening, dental hygiene, job training, meals, haircuts and clothing. These services are just the beginning. There are many other volunteers and organizations looking for ways to help out.

Our main building will provide bathrooms, showers, laundry and kitchen. With the basic necessities provided, their focus can be directed towards getting their lives back on track.