What We Need:

People 4 Homeless relies solely on donations to provide food, shelter, and basic living amenities for the homeless. Below is a list of services and items that would be especially helpful. 



A workshop. We must move from our current facility soon and need approximately 2000 square feet to continue the construction of shelters. Contact us if you have any information regarding an open workshop, warehouse, or other area that could be used as a People 4 Homeless workshop. 



A forklift for shop materials and transportation of shelters.  



We need a means of transportation of shelters from the workshop to their final destination; A flatbed trailer or flatbed truck will help tremendously.



We need a bookkeeper to help with the nonprofit's financials.



We need support at Akron City Council meetings on Mondays at 7:00 pm downtown. As things develop, having people there to support our efforts will help influence the Council’s decision. If you live in the Akron area, come support People 4 Homeless's efforts.



We need to write letters of support to the Akron Beacon journal editorial section for a campground where real help and services could be provided to our homeless population.



We need help canvassing the neighborhood where we have proposed the conditional use campground for the homeless. We would go door to door explaining the benefits of bringing the homeless together for a community where goods and services can be administered.



Finally, we need you to keep the City of Akron’s decision to approve our proposal in your thoughts and prayers. This would be the first time in United States history that a plan has been approved to form a community to help the homeless.